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this afternoon. the quake was centered right here. it's about six miles east, northeast of morgan hill. some people felt a little shaking at 4:55. the epicenter was in a rural mountainous region. only a couple calls into the newsroom from people who felt it. no injuries and no damage. pam. >> a fairfield man accused of killing a 13-year-old girl pleaded not guilty today. anthony jones is being charged with sexual assault and murder. now conaway allen's body was found in a parking lot at allen wit park in early february. jones will appear in court again later this month. new tonight at 8:00, a funeral for the teen was held today. kron4 spoke with the victim's family who says they are devastated by her murder. the words of a heartbroken mother, crystal conaway, here at the cemetery where the funeral was held to bury her 13- year-old daughter, janelle conaway allen. full of emotion, she could only manage a few words of praise for her daughter on this dreadful day. >> she would be happy. >> there's so much. >> janelle's older sister, says janelle had big dreams of being on stage some day. >>
near reed and morgan hill reporting below freezing temperatures. 29 for you. 28 in gilroy. we have mostly clear skies. calm conditions and that really allows for the cooling into the overnight hours. the sun has been up for a half hour or so. we will start to build back. this ridge will continue to amplify and as it extends over california, it will continue our warming trend. so for this afternoon slightly warmer than yesterday. and with each passing day, we are going to get a bump that will lead us to temperatures well above average. in a nutshell chilly morning and patchy frost out there if you have an early morning drive you may be scraping the windshield just a bit. a mild afternoon with light winds in the forecast. 59-degrees for san rafael. 60 in berkeley. 61 in oakley. 60 for napa. 51 for santa rosa. 60 for concord. upper 50s low 60s pleasanton, livermore. 59 for san jose. as you get into morgan hill, 60- degrees expected for you. there is the extended forecast and the warming trend. the over night lows will be a bit cold once again tomorrow morning as we get back to busines
bands south down toward morgan hill and gilroy. right now on live storm tracker 2 the coverage really on the decrease. the focus in the south bay neighborhoods chose to monterrey bay and activity around 101 south of san jose and zoom in tight closer to morgan hill and this activity towards watsonville oak region and that region there that is showing you that. >>> current temperatures on the cool side mainly in the 50s at last check. livermore right now 51 degrees. santa rosa 54, san francisco checking in 53. as far as rain fall totals not too impressive, san francisco a 10th of an inch, oakland 0.06 and san jose 2/100s of an inch. >>> a sun-cloud mix and a chance for showers this afternoon but a better bet the next round there is another round that moves in for this evening. tomorrow the chance of a shower cool out there, the weekend will be dry but the cool and breezy weather conditions stick around. here is the satellite and radar. first this front moving in earlier this morning. our nix cold batch of air moves in, unstable air this, could trigger thunderstorms later on this evenin
and morgan hill should see highs in the 60s. san francisco, upper 50s for now, middle of the week should be around 60. it will be warming up in the forecast. temperatures not changing a whole lot the next couple of days. watch what happens. wednesday, thursday, friday temperatures starting to warm up. we could see temperatures close to 70 in a few spots. thursday and friday. so, it's a bit of a guilty pleasure. the weather is gorgeous, but this is the snow-producing time of year for us, and we could use more snow in the sierras. starting to fall behind as long as the seven-day forecasts are staying dry. >>> let's bring back henry wofford with a looks at what's going on in the world of sports. there's a lot. >> absolutely. terry, diane, we have a lot cooking on the stove here. there wasn't a game played at at&t park, but 40,000 fans showed up to see their favorite players. we'll have the latest on giants fan fest. and we'll take you out to pebble beach, where it was a beautiful day, however one of the best golfers in the world ended the third round on an eggly note. you don't want to miss
about the goals term. glad to have you back here. >> break news now out of morgan hill. there has been a 3.2 earthquake near morgan hill. we'll continue to monitor it for you. >> coming up number one reason people aren't griping about credit card services lately r- >> i never it would happen. >> yes. we wish would it happen to us, right? meet the newest lottery winner and see what he wants to do with the new neg egg, hint, it involves chicken autos yes. yes what. thousands 6 teachers are missing that could be hurting your child's education. from the roof. broadcast center a weak weather system is headed our way. what does this mean for the weekend plans? we'll find out coming up. >>> thousands of california teachers working with subjects they're not qualified to teach that. is according to an investigation by our media partner california watch a cording to the state commission on teaching credentialing. 32,000 school employees do not have credentials necessary. problem appears to be a bigger issue at low perm yorming schools, instructors asked to teach swubts out proper certification.
. we are getting reports of a 3 preponderate 2 magnitude earthquake near morgan hill. it happened about 4 minutes before 5:00. it was about 6 miles east- northeast of morgan hill. if you want a specific location, a depth of 4.6 miles. again, a 4.2 mag tuesday we haven't received any calls of people who felt the shaking. however, if you did, please go ahead and call. we're also looking for pictures of any potential damage. we'd love to see them. can you e-mail once breaking news -- breakingnews@kron.com. again, a 3.2 magnitude earthquake near morgan hill. we'll take a short break right now. be right back. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. througet a sealy queen set $500 on befor just $399.osturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but hurry, sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were
bay. the quake was reported about 6 miles east-northeast of morgan hill. it struck at 4:55. there have been no reports of any damage or injury. >>> immigration rights advocate rallied for immigration reform. about 100 people this afternoon marched from the library to the downtown to the federal building. after the march the protesters listened to speeches from members of the immigrant, faith and labor communities. the united immigrants movement which is made up of college and community groups organized the rally. >>> only on 2, the new field poll find that support is growing for more rights for undocumented immigrants. the survey taken this month found 90% of those questioned said immigrants should have the ability to -- in 2006 only 75% favored the path to citizenship. when asked if immigrants should be allowed california drive licenses 62% agreed. that has grown steadily since 2005 when only 35% supported it. >>> hewlett packard reported earnings bigger than last year but they still beat projections. the corporation's turn around is starting to gain momentum. the company posted a $1.
, an impressive cell here producing moderate rainfall. snow in higher elevations and south, down more morgan hill over twin creeks snow moving south ward and eastward, rainfall into morgan hill, and into higher terrain, more snow. we're getting wide spread snow in higher elevations and scattered showers, plus, areas of clearing. temperatures 48 degrees in san francisco. 51 in oakland. chilly. looking at western sky, bright from this perspective. 48 degrees in santa rosa. 48 conk yorkd los gatos, 44. forecast features, showers ending. that pattern continues during evening hours. snow is falling above 2000 feet. >>> well, duchess kate made her first public appearance but it's what people don't see that has everybody talking. >> she attended a charity event in london this morning. royal watchers were excited to see the babe eye bump. -- baby bump. the royal baby isn't due until july, still plenty of time. >> yes. >> a texas woman celebrated valentine's day by giving birth to two sets of identical twin boy autos this isaápq rem k remarkable. odds are 70 million to one. the 36-year-old delivered four
's a lightning strike halfway between morgan hill and san jose. guess what. we have a tornado to talk about, too, earlier today in northern california. video of it all and i want to remind you that kpix 5 is the official television station for the new bay bridge opening celebration. here's a live look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. countdown is on, 195 days and some change to go. land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread? coach a reprimanded. tonight, for the first time... we hear from both coach montgomery and . >>> it's the shove that got the cal coach a reprimand. we hear from both the coach and the player he shoved. kpix 5's juliette goodrich on the uc-berkeley campus with details from today's news conference. juliette. >> reporter: hi, allen. today coach mike montgomery admitted he has had a few sleepless nights after all of this and the shoving incident and today, he talked publicly along with player allen crabbe about the shove. >>> rep
a scattered shower or two. morgan hill is lighting up a little bit. santa clara valley. you can see where the majority of this returns are. heading down toward the monterey. sun and clouds and showers. chilly and breezy. 50s on the temps. 52 and 53. cold saturday morning. windy but then cold sunday as well. sunny and warmer weather. maybe for awhile. >>> another round of king tides will hit the coast today. that could mean unusually high water levels. during the last king tide event in december there was minor flooding in marin county. the tides are expected to be the highest today near coyote creek in santa clara county and near the dumbarton bridge. >>> the governor of texas rick perry is coming here to california to the bay area. the pitch he's making to businesses while he's here. >>> there are problems in the national cemetery. the number of remains found buried in the wrong spot. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitc
may be but a couple of low 60s, morgan hill, but it is soft 60s. sunny and breezy, a few high clouds, it looks cooler and breezy here for a while. >> not too bad. coming up, bad news for raiser nation, news that could lead out of the orange and black once again. >>> we have a story you will only see on 2. . >>> welcome back, we are following breaking news, office max is going to combine and merge and earlier this week reported that the wall street journal said the merger will allow office depot and office max to better compete with wal- mart target and amazon.com. we will have more on how it is affected today. >>> the nfl will not loan them money to build a stadium and there is not enough corporate interest at this time. meanwhile they show no interest and they say the team refuses to meet with them near jack london square. also the golden state warriors continue to move to san francisco. they are taking from a thief who was stealing from them in their own driveway. they have two other cars and like other people they noticed they were having to fill up more often. that led to the con
, for highs we are running in the upper 60's and 70's, los gatos and morgan hill down in the santa clara valley. up the peninsula we start at 68 in los altos, and downtown will reach 66. 65 in sausalito and low 70's through the north bay valley and not so breezy as the beaches but temperatures only in the upper 60's. san leandro at 65 and same if union city. concord is 69, and everyone else in the low-to-mid 70's in the east bay valley of the tonight, clouds gather along the coast at 59 at half moon bay and 50 in richmond and san francisco and a few clouds will make it inland but there is no rain, no drizzle associated with that. the two areas of high pressure are getting stronger as the front is closer with high pressure clock-wise fashion and that is putting the warm weather in our forecast. now, for tomorrow, you can see the clouds along the coast a few in the bay headed to the afternoon hours and sunshine will keep an eye out to the west, though, headed to friday night into saturday morning and the clouds are coming in and another mild morning, and then, in the afternoon hours it is
and morgan hill last march 16th. he is also charged with three counts of carjacking and attempted kidnapping related to attacks on three women at a store. >> new this morning, president obama will meet with senate democrats today to sell this strategy for tackling immigration, gun- control in a host of fiscal dilemmas. obama is hoping for a unified front among senate democrats. almost everything on his the to do list faces opposition from senate and house republicans. today's meeting will also bill obamas first chance to press centers directly on his proposal for a quick fix to a board a sweeping spending cuts that are set to take effect on march the first. >> still ahead on kron 4 morning news. a truck and gang goes off the side of a florida highway. we have new video from the early morning scene. >> a major earthquake rocks part of the solomon islands overnight. this set off a deadly to summit. mark is in the weather news room and he will have more details. >> here in the bay area we are watching the weather this morning. we will get a check of the weather in your neighborhood in just a bi
towards morgan hill. be there in about half an hour. and on its way to gilroy in 45 minutes. spotty activity throughout the day today. the steady rain, at least for now, is going to give us a little bit of a break. showers and a cold blast on the way tomorrow morning. low snow levels here in the bay area. potentially a mix of rain and snow right on the valley floor. that's coming up. and then this weekend, near record lows will make way to bright sunshiny days. that's good news and also good news, friday eve. >> that's what i'm talking about. we'll check back with you in a second. maybe more nursery rhymes? >> hopefully. >> not really a singer. >>> new details coming up in the terror attack in benghazi, libya. it ultimately killed a u.s. ambassador. we'll let you know why the secretary of defense is standing behind the military's response. >>> plus -- >> until that time, she should shut up. >> new jersey governor chris christie responds to a doctor's comments about his weight. >>> does apple have too much money and who would be upset about that? we'll take a look in business news. a
south san jose, south of highway 85. morgan hill 56 degrees. 58 in san francisco. right now we have clear skies, dry. north winds helping to try out overnight. watch the temperatures as quickly as midnight tonight we'll start to see some 30s heading into tomorrow morning, 7:00, you are seeing patchy frost in some of those wind-sheltered inland valleys where some spots could get close to 30 degrees. we'll let you know how many more of these chilly mornings are in store and how dry and warm the seven-day forecast is as we head into the new week. we'll have a look at that coming up in a few minutes. >>> a woman on her bike was killed today near at&t park. police are still investigating just how it happened. witnesses say the woman and a cement truck were both headed in the same direction on king street at around 9:30 this morning when they somehow collided at the corner of third. it happened as thousands were gathering across the street at the ballpark for the giants fanfest. a police officer who witnessed the accident immediately began cpr on the victim. >> the driver realized somethi
walnut creek 5 gilroy, 72 morgan hill, fremont 68, 70 redwood city, palo alto woodside half-moon bay 63, maybe there will be down slope heating. anyway 63. then we will have high clouds saturday and sunday and monday big changes next week. >> plus, remember that meteor that exploded over russia that shocked the world, well now we know it's not just any old meteor. .. >> we will tell you what is going on in the bay area and we will have another look at your weather forecast. . >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:12, the meteor that blew up in the skies in russia last month really made waves. we are talking about sound waves. the meteor unleashed a low frequency rumble that reached across the entire globe. it was far below what humans can hear but it is giving them new clues about the meteor that injured more than 1,000 people. they are asking the federal government to speed up aid to those who experienced hurricane sandy. they are processing it too low and they said it is unacceptable. more than 100,000 storm victims have filed claims through the government pr
for campbell morgan hill, 71, fremont 70 with sunshine. upper 60s for pleasant hill and san ramon, and upper 60s for novato and berkeley. oakland tomorrow 70 degrees again. mild through saturday. there's the change on sunday still sunny but cooler. then only the upper 50s coming up on monday. and much needed rainfall next tuesday wednesday, and thursday. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, tide is $5.49 for 50 ounces. that's under 20 cents a load! skip the warehouse. charmin is $8.99 for 16 double rolls. and chobani greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. but not everybody: 3 seconds nat sound of pillow fight >>> most people celebrate valentine's day with romantic gestures. >> but not everybody. >> hundreds of people showed up at justin her man plaza tonight for a -- herman plaza tonight for a pillow fight. now in its 8th year. ho
spots. 67 in morgan hill. look at the numbers. significant numbers into february. 69 in redwood city. that was the warmest spot. 63 antioch. 62 fairfield. nice weather. no rain in the forecast. high pressure, the thing to note, i will show it to you again, see this? that is the off shore winds. move it back. winds going this way. goes away. that is sinking air, and that is warming air. that is why it is warm. that is why it is warm out there now. 57 degrees in santa rosa, that is warm. 59 oakland. 57 hayward. few clicks off 60 degrees. forecast tomorrow, patchy fog in the forecast. warmer into the afternoon hours. your bay area weekend, clouds, ton of clouds? some clouds. hazy sunshine. partly cloudy skies. cold over night. patchy fog. what we had today is what we have tomorrow. tomorrow and -- as we go into saturday, we will be nice. these clouds move in saturday afternoon. they create high cloudiness, partly cloudy skies for the rest of the day saturday and sunday trends temperatures down but not cool, not cold, 60s. there is the model. 7:00 p.m., here come the clouds. you know how
but it feels good out there. 67 for you, san jose. upper 60s morgan hill. 70 for gilroy as well as santa cruz. the extended forecast here, notice the clouds here, the ridge will drop. sunday looks to be the coolest day of the weekend. if you have the farmers market you are heading to, it will be chilly. monday and tuesday remain dry. temperatures will continue to cool. our first chance at rain looks like it may hold off until thursday now. >> thank you, rosemary. >> you got it. >>> ahead of the super bowl festivity festivities -- super bowl festivities, the officials are asking you to celebrate safely. >> no matter the outcome, let's respect the city of san francisco. >> that means there will be no place for bad behavior when we win this thing. >> 49er fans are world class. let's show the world how great we are? >> who was it better -- who has it better than us? nobody. go, niners. >> also coming up -- a big day on wall street. the mark reached for the first time in over fire years -- over five years. >>> and what 49er players were caught doing last night. at ikea, we don't just design furnit
in gilroy, that was the warmest. and morgan hill 70, and palo alto 71. if you want more of the weather to condition. here is how it continues. the groundhog does not see his shadow tomorrow, that means an early spring. according to the groundhog, i don't know, i don't think he has made up his mind yet. he is going spring, winter? spring, winter? >> we will go to the sky camera network on this friday. you see a lot of haze down the silicon valley. we have increased air quality that will continue to go down here and an incredible sunset. this is one of the best of the weeks. san mateo bridge right now, drivers no doubt had the sunglasses on at fi5:18 tonight. it's still, we have cloud cover moving overhead and it will continue to moderate our weather as we go through the week. let's get back to the weather boards. the biggest change we are noting right now is the southerly surge of a stratus deck that will increase cloud cover tonight and for the first part of the weekend. we have a jet stream, it's been in the same situation, and now it's moderating and pushing to the south and here com
spots, oakland 71. morgan hill 72. that's not very february-like weather. temperatures are going to cool down a bit. we talk about the surf. the story about the swells that are coming in. as we look out here, i can show you that here we are, the surf right now is 4 feet. out here in this swell field which is just a big wind field where there's a storm. the wave heights are running 20 feet. those swells are working to the coast. they will fill in as we get to saturday and sunday. big surf coming our way. the waves travel from west to east. that's what's happening there. big surf certainly on sunday. i think by tomorrow night it gets big too. here come the clouds. high filtered sunshine tomorrow. temperatures will be trending down just a little bit. if you look at the surface down there in monterrey bay. there's fog coming up as well. that's working its way up the coast. temperatures tomorrow are going to be cooler than today by a couple degrees. overnight lows like last night, maybe not as cool. frosty conditions in some places. some areas maybe close to freezing. extended forecast. in te
out, 71, morgan hill, stereo. and lots of 60s out towards pacificca, san jose. you can see the satellite on storm tracker 2. over the past few hours, increasing the cloud cover. moving in from the south. continuing to move into the region especially for the southern half of the bay area with increase in high clouds and fog hugging the bay area shoreline. especially south of the golden gate bridge developing over the next few hours. the current temperatures, showing you 50s out towards san francisco, hayward right now, checking in 60 degrees and fairfield. most he cheer skies and 50. forecast headlines for tonight. we do have is partly cloudy skies, the temperatures on the cool side later on tonight. this weekend, minor cooling with a sun cloud mix for your saturday. and then the extended more chowd cover, cooler temperatures than we could possibly be talking about rain chances. the way and in the middle 30s. even fog hugging the coastline even a summertime weather pattern resembling that that. an area of low pressure off shore. not approaching the bay area. saturday, high c
al chofer, quien detuvo el autobus en morgan hill para llamar a la policia. cesar ---las autoridades de salud del condado de santa clara confirmaron la muerte de dos personas por complicacione s de la gripe de temporada o flu... take vo ---los fallecidos son dos hombres desamparados menores de 65 aÑos y las muertes ocurrieron en enero pasado... ---anteriormente las autoridades habian informado de la muerte de una mujer de 98 aÑos por neumonia luego de adquirir la gripe de temporada... ---nuevamente el llamado a los residentes es a evitar la enfermedad acudiendo a vacunarse. topvo blanca ---en la carcel del condado de contra costa, ubicada en martinez, se investiga la muerte de un reo que fue encontrado en su celda esta madrugada. ---aun no se revelan las causas de la muerte del prisionero de 46 aÑos y su identidad tampoco se ha publicado hasta que la familia sea notificada. cesar ---la ordenanza que prohibe la desnudez en publico en san francisco entro en vigor hoy y ya hay cuatro personas detenidas por haberse presentado desnudas en publico... take vo ---y para protestar esta dec
of morgan hill. >> when you see a tornado on live doppler 7-hd you can see the wind moving in opposite directions moving right next to each other. the old radars you had to look at the hook and looking at precipitation shield as a hole. by the thing it makes a hook echo it's already too late you have missed the lead time to warn people. >> one of the most important parts of my job is to warn the public of up coming danger. >> our system is so sensitive it does it better than any system out there. >> still could to come, what role can you play in forecasting. see how soc radio radio is chang the way we stay informed about bay area w [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cover it with crescent dough and pow! cheeseburger crescent casserole. double awesome. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. [ malcrrkkhshziiiizzlllee. to this symphony of flavor: beautiful. shhhhshshshshhshshhhhhsshhhshs. gorgeous! here comes the crescendo. kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven m
-to-low 60s. antioch, 62. 63, morgan hill. and here's the seven-day forecast. we're doing pretty good. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, we start to cool things off considerably, and that's when we'll bring chance of showers back into the forecast next thursday and friday. >> ama: thank you, leigh. let's head back out to new orleans and mike shumann. >> mike: look forward to seeing you guys again and the prime profootball hall of fame just celebrated -- unfortunately eddie debe -- debartolo did not make it. let's show you who did. larry allen, of course, former dallas cowboy offensive tackle, representing -- cowboys -- >> told you my feet haven't touched the ground for 30 minutes. this is unbelievable. we played -- play the ultimate team sport and this is the ultimate examination of an individual. >> broke down and start crying. >> larry allen started crying? >> yes, sir. >> the other inductees include kris carter, curley culp, and dave around binson were the two senior picks. and the ravens first ever hall of famer, bill parcell led the new york giants to two southern bowls.
, danville, oakley. mid-to-low 60s. 62 for san jose. and manage mid-60s hearding towards morgan hill. 64 for gilroy and 63 for salinas. here's a look ahead to the seven-day forecast. cooling will begin for all of us as we head into tuesday. wednesday the clouds thicken. rain likely for thursday, much colder temperatures by friday morning we might see snow levels down to 3,000 feet so maybe a light dusting and the highest peaks from the 60s to 50s. >> that's a big change. >> ama: rick is here with sports. >> a tough spot the 49ers are in. >> beyoncÉ put on a really great halftime show. takes some of the edge off. coming up, the stanford men and women's basketball teams were in action this afternoon. and phil mickelson tries to have and phil mickelson tries to have his own(woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing b
president degrees in livermore. 61 in morgan hill. low 60s in some of the warmer spots. we did warm up over saturday, thanks to the extra sunshine. we do have a bit of a sea breeze. that will help bring in more moisture across the area and some low clouds. locally inland across the bay. high clouds will drift in later tomorrow. you can see the storm track is off to the north and at least to start the workweek, not much change. high pressure will hold its ground keeping most of the action to the north but we'll see big changes come wednesday night into thursday as the jet stream takes a dive to the south. that will open to much cooler air and the weather system will drop out of british columbia and slide into the bay area so your impact will be seeing some rain coming back in. not too heavy. even in the wettest spots in the bay area. what we'll do is bring in that cooler air. cold enough for slow as low as 3,000 feet. parts of the santa cruz mountains, generally above 3,500 feet. we'll see a chance of a few flurries. with that cold air coming in, mixed in with a little daytime sunshine. a sl
francisco, end of the -- into the south bay, 56 for san jose. 58 for morgan hill. the extended forecast, so for tomorrow, a little bit of sunshine. we get out the door tomorrow morning, it will be cooler. thursday, that's when we get that rain. doesn't look like enough. by could use some more. with your -- we could use some more. and we're dry, cool, a little breezy. >> it's been dry for a while. >> he why. >> we do need some rain. thank you. >> you two the it. >>> the 2.0 quake that happened this morning was centered southwest of alamo. no reports of damage. officials are considering a -- >>> officials are considering a plan to ban buses on mission and move them one block north. the entire program to improve market street is slated to cost $350 million. >>> singer chris brown, now accused ofic faking his court- ordered communeny service. >>> it may seem like an unlikely matchup. q >>> well, the stock market bouncing back today following a surge in u.s. home prices and signs of strength in europe's economy and strong earnings report also helping power the gains. taking a live look at the b
and the disappearance of 15 year old sierra or mar in morgan hill last march 16th. he is also charged with three counts of carjacking inattentive kidnapper related to a tax on three women into gross restores parking lots and morgan hill in 2009. >> he is been held without bail since his arrest last may when investigators discovered dna evidence in his car. >> in san francisco man is recovering this morning after being shot multiple times. he was attacked last night around 8:00 on the first block of the turks street. that is in the city's tenderloin district. the victim is 37 years old. >> president obama will meet the senate democrats today to sell his strategy for tackling immigration, gun control and a host of fiscal dilemmas. >> obama is hoping for unified front among senate democrats. almost everything on his to do list faces opposition from senate and house republicans. today's meeting will also be obamas first chance to press senators directly on his proposal for a quick fix to avert a sweeping spending cuts set to take effect on march 1st. >> the u.s. ambassador to israel says president obama wi
shooting a morgan hill teen will enter a plea in court to murder and kidnapping in the disappearance of the teen. he was arrested last may on charges of murdering the 15-year-old although her body has never been found. she vanished on the way to school on march 15. he may enter a plea on charges of attempted kidnapping for attacking three other when in twine. >> palo alto police are searching for a man who tried to grab an 11-year-old riding her bicycle. it happened on monday night. the girl was 10' from the man when he tried to grab her. she screamed and peddled faster. here is a stretch, described as caucasian, in his 30's, 6', weighing 150 pounds with light colored hail and balding or receding scare line and wearing glasses and a puffy blue jacket. >> police are asking for 16 percent pay raise over the next three years in the opening contract talks with the city. the pay increase being proposed include restoring the 10 percent pay cuts they accepted to help limit layoffs during record budget deficits. leaders indicated they would support modest raises but the police officers assoc
with the cold front. expect from morgan hill to gilroy, they could get a few drops. in the afternoon and evening, especially, is when you get more showers. best rainfall amount is about a third of an inch at mt. st. helena. nothing measurable in san jose, yet. if you are headed out with the umbrella, possibly upper 40's to low 50's in most areas with let to mid-50's around monterey bay. partly sunny with a few breaks and showers develop this afternoon. a chance of thunder so lightning, also, and small hail and mountain snow and a dry and warmer weekend. now, the initial cold front is moisture starved so that is why the rain was so light. the energy that comes behind it is bringing colder air with more energy in it and a little bit more moisture in this and you can see the radar runs under the cold and that is sliding down our way. we will get a burst of heavy rain unlike the steady rain that we had this morning, especially in san francisco, it rained for about an hour. so, here is the cold front moving out of the south bay and we get a break for better part of the afternoon and in the evening, s
francisco, 53 nast to, 52 hayward, areas along the santa clara valley, 53 san jose, 52 morgan hill, more sunshine later today. the extended forecast there with your weekend in view, tomorrow morning going to be chilly. the northwest winds are expected to keep us from below freezing at least widespread below freezing temperatures but still waking up with 32 degrees in some area, sunday could even be a little chillier, mostly sunny skies. fair weather but just a little cool, a little breezy at times. >> all right. well much better than back east. right? >> yeah. okay. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> okay. well palo alto they make a major change in overseas labor, hear what they are telling their suppliers and what prompted the move. >>> stocks are higher on wall street following a report showing the trade deficit narrowed in december, the markets also getting a boost from strong earnings reports from them. the dow up 32. the nasdaq actually closing in on a 12 year high of 27. s & p up 6. >>> palo alto based hewlett- packard has issued new rules from the use of student labor by its suppli
. 34 morgan hill. chilly around oakland and half moon bay. upper 30s. 41 in san francisco. and vallejo, dwváaá to 34 degrees. southern california getting our wet and snow we saw atop some of our local highest peaks. behind we have this colder, drier air. so we're going to notice those plunging temperatures next couple mornings. upside is that we'll have a nice, dry weekend. high pressure:hbq building n the storms will be diverted north of us and east of us. plenty of sunshine np los gatos, pin anyone slarks mid to upper 50s, millbrae, 55. coastal areas, clear. 53 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 56 degrees. 54 in the sunset district. north bay communities low 60s clover dale. clear lake, 57 degrees. 60s in oakland. inland communities upper 50s. 57 livermore and dublin. and enjoy sunshine around the monterey bay. it's going to be beautiful. 55 in monterey. 53 carmel. accu-weather forecast it's dry and milder, spring will be into the air. i know, it'soz÷ early. low to mid 60s andqqdz sweet forecast for valentine's day. i would never let anyone down. so keeping it dry throughout ne
jose, 58, 59 in h -r began hill. -- in morgan hill. those winds are actually going to keep the air quality issues we have with spare the air day. it's going to keep us from having a spare the air night. so a little bit of wind. it's going to keep areas around the bay a little bit warmer so we're not anticipating as much frost until you get inland. the winds keep things a little warmer, keep the frost, make it tough for the frost to form. that's at the higher elevations and around the bay. i mentioned earlier julie there's no rain in this five day and really there's no rain in the next five day. it's a long range forecast but a little spooky. because we need rain and it doesn't look like we're going to see it in a little while. >> all right, thank you bill. >>> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. the vigil gets under way for 13- year-old murder victim janelle conway allen. we will go live and update you on if arrest of the suspect. >>> we take you live to the east coast that's where what's being billed as the biggest winter storm ever is ramping up at this hour. join us at
that shows a break in the anderson dam near morgan hill could unleash 30-foot high waves, walls of water, sag it could happen and we all need to be prepared. >> there are some things on the books that has to be done. earthquake will take a dam away or take a levy away easily. don't forget sacramento is actually built 12 feet below the level of the river. if the levy breaks, sacramento will be flooded in twelve feet of water. >> they say during hurricane katrina that was a disconnect between the first responders and the military and that sometimes hindered rescue efforts. the goal of this simulation this morning is to get different emergency responders on the same page before disaster strikes. organizers tell me people have been telling them there's no way to be 100% prepared for a disaster, but they tell me that won't stop them from trying. reporting live in fremont, kira klapper, abc news. >> an extensive drill. thank you, kira. new this morning san francisco police are investigating a fatal shooting. officers arrived to find a man with a gunshot wound at hayes street just after 2:00 this mo
will be the warmest toward monterey bay and morgan hill, maybe even done towards san jose could possibly top out at 70 degrees on friday. then we'll start to see some clouds coming in saturday night. sunday right now, transition day. one of the forecast models wants to bring in a few showers mainly in the north bay. enjoy this nice weather. >> ama: thank you, leigh, shu is wrapping up the pro-am. >> mike: a beautiful day. at&t pebble beach pro-am came to a close after a great day on the monterey peninsula. monterey peninsula. and it was brandt snedeker's to well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >> mike: brandt snedeker was runner up in the last two events so the third round co-leader at pebble made sure he was
a couple days. thursday into friday. some 70s possible around morgan hill. let's say pleasanton as well. heading toward next week. one out of three computer models tries to bring in showers. right now we'll call for cooling, more clouds. not much in the way of rain or snow. especially considering the time of year. >> trying to bring in some rain. >> trying very hard. >> and going to do it? >> i hope so. >> i put you on the spot. >> could you take care of that for us? isn't that part of your job? >> that's what this thing is supposed to do. >> thanks, rob. >>> let's bring in mindi with a look at sports. >> a beautiful weekend at pebble beach. and jim harbaugh the 49ers head coach was having plenty of it as well. when it is all said and done, a cal graduate and current alameda resident found himself in contention sunday. we'll have highlights in the final round. >>> you couldn't have asked for a better day for today's final round at pebble beach. this is what the monterey peninsula is known for. you look at a gorgeous day. the final round of the pro am. and brandt thought it was a pretty
near morgan hill. walls of water 35 feet high are overwhelming nearby communities. >> earthquake will take a dam or levee easily. and sacramento is actually 12 feet below the level of the river. if the levee breaks, sacramento will be in 12 feet of water. >> 200 victims were rescued from destroyed cars and buses, assessed, and sent to the nearby e.r. or transported to the hospital by helicopter. participants say it's an invaluable opportunity to practice working beside other first responsiblers before the actual emergency. >> we learn how to coordinate and minimize loss of life when these events occur. >> the first responders tell me while thigh da these drills dozens of times a year you can prepare at home by learning how best to protect your family in the case of earthquake or flood. >> ama: just ahead. how bat different kind of serena serena -- valentine this year. the pet that could be your new love. nice headed in this week. >> mike: brant snedeker is a huge fan of pebble beach. he ended with his fifth pga tour victory and did it with a special >> ama: some folks added a new
in fremont tomorrow. cooler in morgan hill. 63 degrees is not cool for february. we are not looking at rain in this five-day forecast, or the next five-day forecast. doesn't mean it will happen that way. pretty dry. we are doing okay but it would be nice to have rain. >> 70 on friday. >> yeah. couple 70s. >> thank you. >>> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, following developing news, an officer involved shooting. we will update you on what police found and bart getting the word out about the new law that might keep some riders off the trains. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >>> the golden state warriors are getting new uniforms, the partnership, that story coming up in 3 minutes. >>> mark is here now with sports. a new look for the warriors. >> yeah. it will take place later on in february. a new look and the uniforms are about 22% lighter fabric. it will be cool. sports teams never miss a marketing opportunity. stack up the income streams and one way to do it, have as many versions to sell as possible. warriors unveiled their latest look toda
and tornado warning has been issued for santa clara county including the city of morgan hill. >> when you see a tornado in live doppler radar, you can see the winds moving in opposite directions. the old radars you had to look for a hook echo, you are looking at precipitation shield as a whole. but by that time it's got a tornado on the ground and you missed the lead time to warn people. >> one of the most important parts of my job is to warn the public of up coming danger. >> our system is so advanced and so sensitive it does it better than any other system out there. ♪ >> still to come, what role can you play in forecasting? see how social media is changing the way we stay informed about bay area weather. ♪ yeeeowwww! ♪ hot mess hot mess hot mess ♪ ♪ you're a hot kind of love you set me on fire ♪ ♪ you spice up my night feed my every desire ♪ jack's one hit wonder is now a burger. the hot mess is loaded with spicy jalapeños, onion rings and gooey pepper jack cheese. ♪ you're a - a hot mess and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess >>> do you have a great width shot from
bay. 70 in morgan hill, 70 in gilroy and 69 in south san jose, and 68 in palo alto and for the east bay, you are trying to catch up here, but the spots and pleasant on and liver more are not quite 70 degrees, but it look likes the way the winds blow here in walnut creek. we should top out at 70, and for san francisco tomorrow, 67, and santa rosa 70, and 66, sunny through value en's day and saturday, a dry storm system, no rainfall, we will return the chance of rain in the forecast for tuesday and wednesday. not a big storm, but two consecutive days of rainfall, we have not had it in quite some time. a little bit of love there from mother nature. >> yes, thank you, jeff. >> coming up, cruise ship chaos, new information about a cruise ship horror story that left passengers stranded on the ocean. >>> you heard about this story in this vacation that went horribly wrong. tug boats continue to pull the crippled carnival cruise liner stuck in the gulf of mexico, it has been stuck since it had an engine fire on sunday. more than 4,000 people are on board, food was delivered from another shi
. san jose and morgan hill in the mid-60s. nice day. warmer today. thursday, get ready for a nice day. the winds are going off shore. high pressure is building in. this is -- we see this weather this time of year. it has been so dry, nice, sunny that it is getting old. we need rain and it is not happening in the five-day forecast. temperatures outside are mild, warm in some places. 58 antioch, that is warm. 54 mountain view. temperatures chilly. high pressure is settling in. that is why it is not raining. this high pressure presses the air down. the fog squished. and that makes for dense fog. along the great hayway, towards the zoo, poor visibilities. fog along the coast and then it is gone. tomorrow is sunny. all the ocean beaches. over night lows tonight, where they be been every night. if you had vast fismorning -- frost this morning, you will have frost tomorrow morning. dense fog along the coast, along the golden gate bridge, golden gate bridge commute, going north, golden gate bridge will be poor visibility as well. high pressure stays. as long as it stays there we stay dry. thu
. highs tomorrow, 68 pittsburg. 68 livermore. 71 san jose, morgan hill. what are you going to do? it is really nice. but we need the rain. fortunately we have a break down with the clouds. things are changing. we will see a return to cool, wet weather as we head into next week. >> spectacular. >> it does not feel like winter. >> couple records: >> thank you. >>> coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, around the bay area, standing up and dancing to combat domestic violence. an event happening tonight in oakland. >> and a why your -- why your iphone may be vulnerables. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >>> a chance at a college eeducation the new help california could offer and why it won't cost taxpayers a penny. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a
, we'll see a new record, concord, 70. hayward, 70. in the south bay, warm, 72 for san jose. 73 morgan hill. 76 expected in santa cruz. there's the extended forecast. so the weekend still looking good. just not as warm. temperatures will fall back a bit on saturday. more so on sunday. with the return of the onshore breeze, we should expect to wake up with some fog on sunday morning. monday turning cloudy. temperatures now into the 50s for the afternoon highs and by tuesday, that wet weather finally arriving. we shower could use it. it looks like anywhere from 3/10 to an inch of rain. low snow levels down 2500 feet for some areas. not a lot of skiers will be excited by that. >>> palo alto high school has received a very generous gift. an anonymous donor is offering up to $20 million to rebuild the indoor athletic facilities at the school. the money would be used to build two new gyms, a dance studio, weight room and classrooms. the donor wants to work with an architect to design the new facilities. construction could start next year. >>> a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the maker
from today. these were the recorded highs. so they are official. that's oakland at 75 degrees. morgan hill at 74. so really nice, warm day. temperatures tomorrow, they'll drop a couple of degrees. tomorrow looks like your daytime highs may be in the upper 60s with a few low 70s. it's just going to be a bit cooler. really nice day. things are changing in the pacific. you can see stuff out this way. we've been warm and cold in the morning, warm in the day. that's going to go away as we  go into the end of the weekend. weekend looks good. slightly cooler tomorrow and then more cooling on sunday. saturday is your warmest day with possible upper 60s, low 70s. 48 in pacific. tomorrow is going to be nice. it'd be a nice day to go to the coast or go 7:00 to point rays. high pressure sits over us. it lasts through tomorrow and starts to weaken on sunday. temperatures start to come down. it's still warm on sunday. you're still in the mid60s. easy. then monday and tuesday temperatures get all the way down intoed mid and low 50s. a big weather change as this system comes our way. what do we kno
and finally a lot of you saw it in san jose, morgan hill and santa cruz. some of my estimates is the bay area troavel distance was somewhere near 140 miles. by all indications, it's some kind of meteor fireball. this is definitely something that caught a lot of our views tonight, so to speak, somewhat star struck. >> we sure are. fascinating what's happening. there are plenty of people in russia nursing their wounds and cleaning up the debris. tonight some answers of what we saw and the extent of the damage after a meteorite. >> reporter: the video from russia incredible, a massive meteor hitting the atmosphere and exploding with the force of an atomic bond. the shock wave over the town of chelyabinsk. >> it blue the vents out of my bathroom. there was debris on the floor. i'm up on the 23rd floor and i could feel the building swaying. >> pieces of the meteor punched a hole in a nearby frozen lake but missed a town and a nearby nuclear plant. >> the region is believed to be the site of a biggest meteor landing 105 years ago. >> in just a few minutes our coverage will continue live from oaklan
in sunnyvale. 65 in morgan hill. now as the sea breeze picks up, we'll see the winds come in tonight which should bring in low cloud cover. something we didn't see the last couple of days. as winds turn onshore that will lead to some cooling, maybe some rain and low elevation snow heading into early next week. today we started off with high clouds. these were coming up out of the south, but dry underneath it did not bring us any rain. we did have low clouds come back to the coastline. that's one of the stories tomorrow. it will lead to temperatures coming down around the peninsula and seashore. we will go from this mild pattern, then the high will weaken, slide off to the left and a trough of low pressure drops in across the bay area beginning as early as monday night. the chance of showers late monday, tuesday we'll be going from 60s and 70s and highs in the low 50s on tuesday, air that will be cold enough for snow levels at 2,500 feet, 3,000 feet. maybe some mountain peaks around the bay area see a dusting. for the holiday weekend we should be fine. just trending cooler. from sunday into
for morgan hill and san jose. 61 for ma assist ka but 63 for palo alto. 63 for downtown san francisco and in north bay, petaluma, 65. oakland tomorrow, 63 degrees. hayward 62. east bay, mid to upper 60s and san ramon 61. seven-day forecast, get ready for the temperatures to tumble on monday down to the 50s. that cold winter rain starts on tuesday and then we keep it cool and showery on thursday and friday. >> katie: thank you so much. >> after winning -- the world series the giants are getting back to busy in arizona. colin rush is here. >> they won in 2010 and missed the playoffs. another championship, this past year giants, sports anchor mike shumann the quest for back-to-back titles has begun. >> the world series champions are together since winning since 2010. >> it's kind of like you are here the first day and i think everyone is excited. >> talking trash and it never stops. >> 21 out of 25 people are back. that has to bode for a repeat. >> this is awesome. chemistry is most important thinking. everybody gets along really well here. very good people and good to have. >> no questi
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